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PAL-SOLAR E-COMMERCE is a brand new platform rolled out by Pal-Solar Energy Foundation and geared at making solar products more affordable to end users. The structure is quite simple, you register in any of two categories aftwerwhich you will be credited with 1 year and 8 months (20 Months) worth of selectables. Each registration plan's dashboard comes with solar products/services grouped in different qualification durations. Below this section, you will see a chart showing the products/services selectables of each registration plan.

For more clarification or enquiries, kindly call any of the contact numbers on this website. Rest assure, on your dashboard the picture will be clearer, Below are the two available registration plans with their benefits.


Unique Model

Pal-Solar e-commerce is one of a kind, unique and extremely stable.


Overall Profitability

Simply do the math and see for yourself the range of profitability.

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